Friday, November 26, 2010

18 Month (almost 19...) Post

I just realized I never did do an 18 month post for the little lady! Better late than never...and I guess she is officially still 18 months until Monday, so whew! There are two words to describe her at this age - WILD WOMAN! She continues to develop her own personality. She is so affectionate (I'm enjoying it while it lasts). Katie talks SO much - I just wish I knew what she was saying! I mean she gets those hands going and looks like she's preaching. And her facial expressions when she is talking are just amazing - she can go from being so serious to such a goofball in a split second!! Here are her stats at this age....

Height: 32.25 in (65-75%)
Weight: 28 lbs, 11 oz (85-95%)
Size Diapers: 5
Size Clothes: Mostly 2T - she still has some 24 month things that fit, but for the most part she is in 2T!
Eating: She loves to eat (as evidenced in her size)! She has to have a banana and mini pancakes for breakfast. She is also trying to feed herself. She gets frustrated very easily and wants us to help her. I am hoping over the next couple of months she will get really good at the self-feeding. For now, I certainly don't mind assisting and teaching! She still drinks whole milk. We just transitioned into the hard spout sippy cups because the others were starting to leak everywhere. Hopefully she can get the drinking out of a straw down pat and begin drinking out of her straw cups! She is still hit or miss with protein - except refried beans! She loves those.
Sleeping: Like a champ. She goes to bed at around 7:30 and will sleep until anywhere from 7:3o to 9:30!
Favorite Book: Her Elmo "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" book - it is little, so it is just her size! And she has started singing along with the song too - love it!
Favorite Toy: She still really loves her gear toy. When it is warm enough, she loves to go outside and slide too. And she loves to read - LOVES it.
Activities She Loves: She loves dancing, especially to Black Eyed Peas songs. Like I said before, she has started singing. She loves climbing the stairs. Dot paints are her preferred craft method so she doesn't get messy. She also really likes to do sticker art. And running around like a crazy child never gets old to her either :)
Melt My Heart Moment: She was pointing to my nose, eyes, mouth, etc and then just leaned in for a kiss. Also, she recently starting saying "I Love You" - it is PRECIOUS! And she has become quite the expert at blowing kisses too. Oh and she runs up and grabs my knees and gives me big hugs :)

Photos Courtesy of Jessica Cherry (stay tuned for a post with all kinds of amazing pictures she took for us!)

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