Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lots of Play!!

So as the cooler weather is quickly approaching, we are trying to find some fun things to do that are indoors, while also enjoying the outdoors as much as possible!! We went with some friends to the indoor play space at the mall not too long ago - it was great! The only negative about it is that there is no "door" - it just has an opening, so that means kids can easily escape and try to run in the mall. Let's just say Katie enjoyed that way too much. She is definitely becoming much more willful and throws herself on the floor when she doesn't get her way. I was wondering when that would begin. I don't like it. And I'm trying not to give in.

Katie and Carter taking a break from playing to hug! Carter's mommy and I have been friends for over 20 years!!

Katie and her intense running face!
Later that afternoon, it warmed up enough to play in the backyard. I love afternoon outside pictures. I also just love afternoons outside. And so does Katie (and Sadie)!

She has become quite the expert at climbing up her little slide and then going back down.

Such a happy, silly girl!

She loves finding all of Sadie's tennis balls and playing with her!

So nice - she just gave it to her. Didn't even make her chase it down! :)

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