Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tailgater Extraordinaire

Earlier this month, we decided we were way overdue for a visit to The Plains - yes, that's right! Katie made her first roadtrip to Auburn!! It had been 2 years since we had gone, and man has it changed! There are lots of new buildings on campus - and more stores in the area too! We were lucky enough to have a place to stay...and they have an 8 month old and a 1st grader, so Katie was in heaven with all of the toys! We arrived and were able to get a good night's rest before heading out to the tailgate spot. I think Katie loved seeing all of the people and dogs and festivities. We didn't actually go to the game because we didn't want to buy a ticket for Katie, but we had a great time for sure! We tailgated through the first half and then headed to one of my favorite restaurants, Niffers, to watch the second half. What made the weekend even better was an Auburn win over Georgia!! WAR EAGLE!!

Katie taking in all of the fun things at the tailgate spot - and this was the only "full dress shot" I could get!

The tailgate!

Katie loved the toys and snacks!

Our view of the stadium from the tailgate

The crowd gathering for Tiger Walk!

We visited some friends' tailgate - here is Katie playing her friend! So cute :)

Katie with the shaker - she loves it!!

What a sweet picture...
Obviously, that's me :)

The flyover before the game!

She could only hang for so long...
The stadium during the game

And, of course, Niffers! Yum!

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