Friday, November 26, 2010

My Birthday Week

So, it seems I am always playing catch up on here. Anyways, my birthday was last week (the 17th), and it seems the celebration tends to last almost a week (which I have no problem with)! The celebration actually started out the night before - Brad brought flowers home for me!! It has been a while since I got flowers, so that was a real treat!

On my actual birthday, Brad took the day off of work - it was so wonderful! He got up and made french toast (one of my faves)...and we actually got to eat breakfast just the two of us! Katie decided to sleep in, which was definitely a special treat.
We had planned on a family fun day at the zoo, but it was too chilly that morning. Instead, we shopped around looking for some things for our house (I do plan on doing a post about my new house, but I am hoping to get it in as good of shape as possible before that - hopefully soon though!). We had a relaxing day and then went to dinner with family - it was delicious and very fun! I had the yummiest cake ever. I am so blessed by such a great family!

The Friday night after my birthday, we went out to celebrate with friends. We went to a trendier spot that I had wanted to go to for a while - and MAN was it good! They had delicious drinks and amazing food. I'd definitely go back again!

I have such great friends for sure!

I guess turning 27 isn't too shabby. I'll take having a birthday anyday if this is what it's like! I am so blessed. xoxo

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