Tuesday, March 22, 2011

All Decked Out For Easter

Now that it is officially spring and St. Patty's Day is longgone, I decided to break out the Easter goodies. It did require a small amount of shopping - I don't have many Easter decorations. I remember growing up, we had an Easter tree - my mom found a great big branch, spray painted it white, put it in a cute pot, and had Easter lights and ornaments all over it - so cute! I hope to have one of those maybe next year. For now, these decorations will do...

Cute little Easter tree and a dotty bunny!

I have wanted one of these domes for over 2 years and I finally found one at TJ Maxx! My mom had made these fabric eggs, and I think they look just perfect in the dome on our island in the kitchen!

Towels out in the kitchen

Easter egg wreath on the front door...

And the garden flag out in the flower bed!

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