Friday, March 25, 2011

Every Itty Bitty Sprinkle

I'm afraid we have another sweets-lover on our hands. Yep, folks, Katie loves sugar. What toddler/little kid doesn't? She is a good mix of Brad and myself - she does like chocolate (Brad does not - quite un-American if you ask me), but she LOVES sugar cookies. I bought a box of them at the store a few days ago and she was beyond thrilled. After lunch and dinner she asks for a cookie (I bought the small ones so that she could have one). And I love watching her eat them. She is not wasteful at all. When she eats the cookie and a few sprinkles come off, she pauses, looks around, and picks up each teeny-tiny sprinkle and eats it! I think that strategy is quite cute. And I find it pretty cute that she loves cookies that much. When she is finished with her "teuh-tee", she always has blue fingers and a blue mouth from the sprinkles. Must be the sign of a good ending to a good meal.

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