Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm In Love

Now, I know this may be a bit extreme. I have a new love. Yes, I still love Brad and Katie and the rest of my family and friends. But there's a new love of my life for the day - shellac manicures. Wow...why hasn't anyone thought of this until just recently?!
Don't you hate it when you get your nails done only to smudge them getting in your car? Or find them chipping less than 24 hours after you've shelled out the money for nice pretty nails? I know I have had each of those situations happen many times.
Not anymore! I'd like you to meet shellac manicures. Yes, it may cost just a little bit more than a standard manicure, but it LASTS! Like 3 weeks. Isn't that amazing?! The colors may be more limited, but hey, that is a-okay. I'm willing to pay a little extra moolah and have nice nails for just under a month - and it be my real nails too.
I treated myself to quite the relaxing pedicure, followed my this amazing shellac manicure (in pink of course). See, we are headed to the beach soon and I didn't want to scare anyone with my "winter feet" look. I am way prepared now. All I need is some sunshine and a fruity drink. And no chipped nail polish.

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