Friday, March 11, 2011

Picky, Picky

So it appears that our once-wonderful, no-complaints eater has become picky. And when I say picky, I mean picky. She went from eating anything and everything to all of a sudden just wanting a few bites, if anything. I am fairly certain that the vast majority of this phase can be blamed on teething. Regardless, it is annoying. For instance, here is what she ate today:

BREAKFAST: juice, a few bites of bacon, some applesauce
LUNCH: french fries, a few bites of hot dog, milk, juice
DINNER: milk, rolls
SNACKS: juice, water, crackers

I thought she was turning the corner yesterday because she ate 2 slices of pizza with red, green, and yellow bell pepper slices on them. Not so much. Oh well! It sure is a good thing we are at an all-inclusive resort. It makes this difficult phase a little easier because we can load up a plate and hope that she will eat at least one or two items on it! I know she'll eat when she is hungry, but it is still rather annoying. When we get home, here's to her reverting back to her old, eat-everything-in-sight phase. For now, let's enjoy the rest of our vacation! And the french fries!

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