Thursday, March 24, 2011

You Know What Spring Means?

Oh, how I am loving the warmer, sunnier weather! We have been spending a lot more time outdoors these days. Unfortunately, I seem to have some allergies this year - but that isn't stopping me! I love fresh air - especially after being indoors all winter! Here are some pictures of what springtime has brought us so far! I can't wait for it to warm up more - you know what that means, right? POOLTIME! For now, spring will do :)

Sliding at the park after a picnic dinner with friends!

And swinging at the park...

Sliding with friends! This is Katie with our neighbor (who is about 7 months younger than Katie) - these two are going to be trouble one day! :) We also love that she is a little Auburn fan too!

Playing on the dinosaurs - I just love that look Katie is giving me!

...and yardwork. Yuck! Brad fertilized our yard last weekend. Our poor yard needs some definite TLC.

Evening walks! Here Katie is walking up the street with Grandma!

Fresh flowers! I love these bright, happy forsythia bushes!

Running around the backyard after naptime. She loves going out there and running and throwing the ball with Sadie!

Our two girls taking a break from playing. Clearly our yard needs mowing too :)

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  1. Cute pictures! I love that last one of Katie and Sadie. Adorable!