Thursday, March 31, 2011

Resolution Recap: March, Part Two (aka The Going Away Party)

I know I posted earlier today about all of my resolutions and how I did in March. Well, I spoke a little too soon! Brad and I were able to go out tonight, even if it was the last minute! There was a going away celebration for one of his coworkers/friends that has taken a new job that will allow he and his wifey to live at home (Knoxville) and close to their family. That is quite the blessing since she is 33 weeks pregnant with their sweet baby Elena! There was a crew of folks that met at Whiskey Kitchen (where we dined for my birthday back about 6 months ago), so I was super excited. And I'm not gonna lie - it was so nice for "Uncle D" (that's what I call Brad's company) to pick up the tab! Here are some pics from the evening - I'm pretty impressed that I've already uploaded and am blogging about the event that we just attended. I think that is some record for me! Anyways, here are some pics of the night....
Some of the guys

Me with Melinda! I sure will miss that girl (and don't worry - another post will follow about our lunch tomorrow...the wives of all the guys that work together and are buddies are heading out for lunch to spend time with Melinda and bring a few cute, pink things for her!)

Me and Brad - I don't like that my head looks twice the size his does. I do remember wondering if I was leaning too far forward in the pic as it was being taken. Oh well - pretty cute anyways! And I am loving that I finally have some color - after having gone to Punta Cana and spending some time in Phoenix (which, by the way, explains why I've been MIA lately - and will be featured in a separate post soon), I sure hope I look like I have some color!

And the happy couple! I'm so glad they have the opportunity to go home - and I can't wait to meet that sweet little girl! Doesn't she look fabulous for 33 weeks pregnant?!

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