Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vacation Sneak Peak

We are back! I have to say...Punta Cana is beautiful. Well, at least our resort was! We didn't step foot off the resort one time. Anyways, it is nice to be home and to sleep in my own bed and drink water right out of the tap! The last day of our trip, Katie wasn't feeling well and had a fever and has had one since. I think we are on the mend (or at least I'm hoping) as her fever hasn't been nearly as bad today and she's been acting like her crazy self! If it is not better tomorrow, off to the pediatrician we go. I just am holding out on that until absolutely necessary since there is no telling what kind of nasty viruses are lurking there.

Here are a couple of pictures from our trip. I uploaded all 650 of them last night, so now I have to weed through them and pick out my favorites :) That bathing suit Katie has on - best deal ever! I got it at a consignment sale - brand new with tags and Children's Place - for I think $3. And she can finally wear the sunglasses I bought her when she was teeny! And isn't that ocean water so pretty? Gosh I could just sit and watch it for forever. For now, these pictures will have to do - a big post will come soon though, so don't worry. For now, I've got loads of work to do, loads of posts in my google reader to catch up on, and loads of laundry to do!

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