Friday, March 4, 2011

"S" is Important!

This girl loves her some sticker art. I love that it is not as messy as dot paints. And it makes good gifts to grandparents and other family too!
Around 3:45, Katie has been getting hungry and wanting up in her highchair. I have started giving her a bowl of cheerios or teddy grahams, nutrigrain bar, or something like that with a little juice box. She loves sitting at her table to enjoy it!
I have learned that I love monogrammed clothes for Katie. Whether it is her actual monogram (as seen on the outfit below), just a "K", or a cute design (like the shirt in the picture above), I just love it. I love this style of monogram - so sweet. And I think this one is even better because it is pink!
This girl is so happy. In fact, one of her teachers at MDO asked me if she ever cries. Yes, she does - and when it happens, she means business. But 98% of the time, she is so happy and full of life.
Katie LOVES reading. She has especially loved climbing up in this oversized chair in her play area to look at her books. She will come over with a book, grab my hand, and bring me over to this chair to sit and read. While I may have something I need to get done, I try to tell myself that reading, everyday, is so important. And there will come a time when she doesn't want me to sit with her, so I am soaking up every minute of it!

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