Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring Fun

I must say - I am really loving the weather these days. Except for one thing. Spring storms. I can't stand them. I am glued to the news and weather reports when there is a slight mention of severe weather. I don't even know where this obsession came from - it is definitely here though! Anyways, back to the positive. We love playing outside in this fabulous weather - today it was sunny and 72 degrees! Doesn't get much better than that. There is a park not to far from us that we love. There is also a little playground in our neighborhood that we sometimes visit. And then, of course, there is our backyard. One of the first days of warmer weather, we visited the park after church. We went to church, used a Groupon I had bought for a yummy brunch, and then we went to the park. Definite perfection. Here are some of the fun pictures from that adventure (and it isn't very often that we get Daddy in some park pictures!):

I just love this one below. Looks like daddy and daughter are dancing...

And then, in the name of Spring, I made Katie look quite silly. We actually have a picture from exactly this time last year wearing the same dollar bin bunny ears (well not the same, but you know what I mean) at our favorite store, Target. She still doesn't like them. But she did take a liking to the Happy Spring (or at least Happy Spring Weather)!

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