Monday, December 19, 2011

Annual GNO Ornament Exchange

Last week a group of my girlfriends (including myself) got together for our annual dinner and ornament exchange!  I look forward to this night every year - and I am sure to get there promptly so I don't have to sit on the end! :)  This year's event did not disappoint - it was so great to catch up with great friends and eat myself sick (literally - I couldn't sleep that night because I was so incredibly full...ridiculous).  When we do our ornament exchange, we are nice about it - no Dirty Santa or anything!  We draw numbers and go in order and just pick a gift at random.  It is fun and everyone wins! Here is the pile of goodies for this year.
 And the group picture!  What a fun time we had - already looking forward to next year's dinner for sure!  HA! And look at all the empty bags, tissue paper, wine glasses...we certainly did have fun!
 We also squished in some for a second picture - I got a picture frame ornament and I am really hoping when I order this as a wallet size that it will fit!  I'll be sure to post a picture of it once it is on the tree in all of its glory!


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