Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last But Not Least

Last night we had our last Christmas celebration of the year - and we had it at our house! My dad's side of the family (minus my dad and Robbin - they were in Arizona) came over to enjoy dinner and visit and exchange gifts.  It was great to be so informal and be able to spread out the fun of Christmas!  Before we ate, we did our annual Bible reading - this Bible has been in the family since the 1760's...and we always burn a candle that my uncle made when he was 4, so it has been used for 52 years!  My grandfather reads Luke 2:1-14 (the Christmas story) is so special!  Definitely one of my favorite traditions ever.
 And of course I wanted a family picture with everyone that was there - us, my brother, my cousin, aunt, uncle, and grandparents!! And of course Sadie had to jump in too :)
 We bought BBQ with baked beans, potato salad, and baked beans - and we also had green bean casserole and squash casserole - YUM! After we all ate too much, it was present time!  Here is the wreath I gave my aunt and uncle - and Katie wanted to be in the picture too! So cute!
 And my grandparents gave Katie the cutest doll! And she talks and interacts too - neat!  Please excuse Katie's face here...she clearly enjoyed dinner :)
Now, let the undecorating begin!  Everything looks so blah once the decorations are taken down and I definitely dread that task.  I guess it makes them more special to just have them out at Christmas time though.  Now, time to wind down 2011 and look forward to all that 2012 holds!


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