Friday, December 16, 2011

Now For Some Details...

OK, now that I can be openly say it - I AM PREGNANT

Whew, glad we got that out of the way! 

On October 11, I got this...
Let me just say that this was a LONG, LONG time coming!  Overall, we had been trying to get pregnant for 17 months.  I know, like an eternity, right? I don't ovulate, so that makes it super difficult to conceive - therefore, we require some technological assistance.  We tried lots of different kinds of medications with IUI (think: turkey baster - google it if you need more info) and finally found what worked this time on the first cycle!  So, when I got that "Pregnant," I could NOT believe my eyes!  I squealed and cried and just couldn't believe that this could really be it!  And of course, just like with Katie, Brad was out of town.  This time I couldn't wait for him to get back into town, so I texted him a picture of the positive test.  I also scheduled an appointment for my blood test (when doing fertility treatments, they monitor you really closely).  Anything above a 5 is considered pregnant on the blood test, and my first number was 73.  They also test your progesterone levels (mine were low with Katie), which they like to see over 20 - mine was 15.1.  So I started taking Prometrium to help boost that number.  They also like for you to come back 48 hours later for another blood test - the pregnancy hormone level should double every 48 hrs.  So, 2 days later, mine was 223.  Yes - it is almost triple.  At this point, thoughts and dreams of twins were running through my head.  Whew - no more worries on that...there is just one! Oh, and my progesterone level was at 28.8, so we were good there!  So, a few days later, I took the first belly pic...
 Pretty much just some extra flab courtesy of my pregnancy with Katie :)  I felt great and still was in disbelief!  Within a week or two, my energy level plummeted (hence the slacking in blogging, etc).  And food was the LAST thing that sounded good. I have not thrown up, but man oh man did I try!  Here is the next belly picture....
 I've decided to not take belly pics as frequently - at least early on.  Things just don't change terribly quickly (and I know they will in just a matter of weeks).  My most recent belly picture is this one!
I feel like I am in that phase of just looking chubby.  I made the switch to maternity jeans at 9 weeks (why wait???) - SO much more comfy!  And I am mixing regular and maternity shirts in the wardrobe.  I also found these neat stickers made by Sticky Bellies - they stick on your shirt for the weekly pic!  I think they are every 4 weeks until the 3rd trimester and then it is every 2 weeks.  I may decide, once I have an actual belly, that I want one every week (sorry, Brad) - we will see!

So my "transition day" is Thursdays - so that is likely when I will try to do updates!  This also means that I turned 13 weeks yesterday.  Oh, and I am due June 23, 2012 - the day before mine and Brad's 6th anniversary!! That seems so far away, but it will be here before we know it!

Another fun fact? I lost 10 pounds during my first trimester - I will definitely take it!  Especially since I can tell my appetite is coming back.  When I was hungry, weird things sounded good - mostly Asian food!  And Ruffles potato chips.  And Krispy Kreme donuts (who doesn't love those on a normal basis, anyway, though!?).  Mostly with the Asian food and chips, I think it was the salt factor - lettuce wraps, sesame chicken, sushi (the kind that the ingredients are cooked - don't worry), etc!  Should be interesting to see what else makes that list!

And another question I am sure you have - what does Katie think? I don't think she has any idea.  The way we told some folks was having her say "big sister" - she doesn't know what that means though!  She did say the other day that she wanted a baby at our house - specifically a baby boy.  I don't think she the slightest idea how her world is going to be rocked in just a matter of months!  Luckily, we have time to talk about it and read books about it - and I think it will be easier to talk about once I know the gender and we have a name picked out.  It does help that one of her best buddies at mom's day out is a new big sister - her mom just had a baby boy about a week and a half ago.  And my neighbor is pregnant (due in April).  And my freshman year at college roommate is pregnant (due in January).  And one of my best friends from growing up is pregnant (due a week before me!).  And one of my best friends from my first job in high school is pregnant (due Christmas Eve - but she's been walking around dilated to a 5 for a few weeks, so really any day now).  Seems like the thing to do these days, huh!

Thanks for all of the kind words - I love knowing everyone is sharing in my excitement!  I go back to the doctor on Wednesday - and then I think the next appointment is when I find out the gender - YAY!

Oh, and my first baby purchase was one of these:
It was on sale on Amazon, and I had heard lots of good things about it. :)  It is the Fisher Price Newborn Rock 'N Play Sleeper.  On Amazon, it has 600 reviews, and 492 of those are 5 star. Not too shabby (I hope)!

Did I miss anything? Do you have other questions? Lemme know!  I want to make sure I try to document this pregnancy and experience as well as I did with Katie :)


  1. I love you and couldn't be happier for you!!!

  2. I bought that on Amazon when it went on sale the other week too! Now, I know Nolan is already 4 months old but the kid will not sleep by himself. My sister has a friend who has this and she raved and raved about it so we decided to give it a try and see what happens! It is really nice-Nolan does sleep in it (not all night because we both fall asleep when nursing) but it is a big improvement over our previous sleeping arrangement. I think you will be very happy with it! I had never heard of it until my sister registered for it and went on and on about it.

  3. So happy for you my dearie!!!! :) We are keeping your family in our thoughts! XOXO