Thursday, December 22, 2011

Four Generation Pictures

Earlier in the Fall, I finally convinced my mom and grandmother to get together for a four generation picture session.  I had bought a Groupon for a photo session and some of the photos and decided that would be the perfect use for it!  Neither my mom nor my grandmother enjoy having their picture taken, so I'm glad they got over it and agreed to come - I love how they turned out!  I think the photographer took over 130 pictures and I narrowed it down to 20 pictures.  Here are my favorites from the session.  We will all cherish these pictures for years to come, I feel certain - it is really special to have 4 generations together!

I do have tons of holiday-related posts to do - I just need to upload some pictures.  So stay tuned for all of these posts to come!  I hope you are enjoying some relaxing time off of work with family and friends!  Brad took this week and next week off work, and we are loving it!


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