Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Night At The Fair...

Last Thursday night (wow, how can that already be a week ago!?) we headed to a little carnival that comes to town around Memorial Day!  We went with the neighbors last year and the girls had a blast! The first time Katie saw the ferris wheel from the interstate, she asked if she could go with Stella :) And then she asked if she would be tall enough enough to ride the ferris wheel this year since she had grown - ha!  Also different?  Jack was out of my belly! :) When we went last year, Hank was just about 4 or 5 weeks old and Jack was still cooking!  Oh how things change in a year!

Here are the kids before we headed out - love this picture of them!
My sweet girl - she just couldn't be still for a picture - she was ready to go!
And the wild man :)
Katie and Stella on their first ride of the evening!
And an action shot - this ride whipped them around the corners and they LOVED it!
Anytime we were between rides, they held hands while they walked around.
Miss Priss on the carousel!
And we did it!  Katie was tall enough for the ferris wheel!  And she loved it :)
We went with Jill and Stella - it was so fun to see the girls' faces as we went up!
And the little brothers - they had fun looking around and watching their big sisters!
I guess we can call this a tradition now that we have done it two years in a row, right? :) And I'm so glad we went when we did - it was cool and not crowded....perfection!


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