Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Some Katie Funnies

  • One night when getting in bed, Brad was tucking Katie in when she told him that she had a baby in her tummy.  Brad told her that she probably didn't have a baby in there because she was too little and wasn't married yet.  She insisted she had a baby in there and Brad had the same response.  She paused and thought about it for a little bit and then said, "Daddy, I am married!!!"  And Brad responded saying, "You're not married!  You haven't met a special boy yet!"  And then Katie got giddy and giggled like a teenage girl with a big crush.  If this is a sign of what it is to come when she starts with real crushes and boyfriends, good gracious we are in for it!
  • One morning when we were all in our room (Brad getting ready for work, Katie playing with some books, and Jack having just finished eating), we were talking about how many times Jack woke up needing his pacifier that previous night.  Katie piped up and said, "Yeah, Baby Jack was awfully sassy last night!" - HA!
  • I have a bottle of hand sanitizer in the van for times when we need it (i.e. after pumping gas or pushing a grocery cart - yuck!) and I sometimes let Katie use it if she needs it.  After using some recently, she said, "YUCK! That smells disgusting!  It smells like blackberries with a side of poop!" - where on earth did she come up with that comparison?!
  • One night after taking a bath, Katie was getting ready for bed and using the bathroom for the last time.  I reached to get something off the toilet and she said, "Whoa! Mommy, you almost stuck your hand in my pee pee!  EW! Don't do that! If you do that, Daddy won't kiss you!" - HA!!!
  • Katie was trying to measure something with a measuring tape and looked up after measuring and said, "24 cents?! That's a lot of days!!" She then measured something else and said, "Holy cow!!! 150 years??!" ... clearly we need to start working on units of measurement - ha!
  • Katie had just changed clothes for us to run some errands together.  She put chapstick ("lipstick") on and gave Brad a hug and suggested he make sure she didn't get lipstick on him.  And as she was walking out to the car, she said, "When we get home, I'll need a Kleenex to wipe my makeup off so I can run on the treadmill." - HA!!
  • When we had just arrived at the townhome we stayed in at the beach, we were deciding who would sleep where in the 2nd bedroom.  It had a full size bed and then bunk beds.  Katie piped up and said, "Jack can sleep on the big bed and I can sleep on the bumpy beds!"  We tried saying they were BUNK beds, but she insisted on calling them bumpy beds the whole trip!
  • When talking about eating fish for dinner at a restaurant at the beach, Katie said, "What fish?  The chicken fish?"  I am fairly certain she meant the fried fish because it was like chicken fingers!
  • I had taken a picture of Jack with my phone and was showing it to Brad.  He responded with a "look at that chunker!"  And sure enough, just a few seconds later, Katie said, "Can I see the chunker?" -- if you could see Jack's thighs, you would call him a chunker too! :)


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