Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Big First: Katie's First Dance Recital

This past weekend was Katie's very first dance recital!  I have to be honest ... I was dreading the event.  First off, I am not so good or creative with fixing hair and she had to have a bun.  Thank goodness for the "bun kit" from Sally Hansen Beauty Supply!!!!  Second off, the night of the actual recital was a long one - she had to be there at 4:45, the event started at 6, we didn't leave until 8:15....she did so great for missing dinner AND being up past her bedtime!  I think they should do a matinee performance for the little ones - bu they didn't ask my opinion! :)

Friday afternoon was the dress rehearsal...she had to be in full hair, makeup, and costume!  After about 20 minutes of wrestling her hair, I got it into an acceptable bun.  And she was SO excited to wear makeup - and let me say, getting mascara on a 4 year old is a challenge!
 Here she is waiting to practice her dances on the stage!
 In line to do her ballet practice...
 Everybody trying to find their "X" on the stage!
 All the girlies...so cute!  I don't think there was one time during either performance that they were all doing the same dance move in unison!  Love it!
 Not exactly sure what this dance move is - I don't think the fingers up in the air is an official ballet move :)
 All the girls loved this part of the dance!
 There is a smile!
 Action shot - there's nothing cuter than a little girl twirl!
 And a bow!  I LOVE this!
And then we changed shoes and got in line for the tap practice! 
 Such cute little ladies...Katie had such a great time!
 All the girlies on stage for the tap practice!
 And during the "shuffle, step" portion, Katie maintained a look of intense concentration...she did that during the practice and during the performance!
 Shaking her hips - she had that part perfected! :) 
 I don't know what this move is, but its where you have your arms out and feet apart and then jump up and your arms are in and your feet are together.  She did great with that part!
 And then they waved as they walked off stage from the tap performance!
 LOVE this picture!  Big smile and mid-twirl!
 After the rehearsal I got her picture in front of these colorful balloons...such a cute ballerina! 
 And she was absolutely worn out - asleep in the car once we got home! Dancing is hard work!
 And the day of the performance, Katie had also been to a birthday party.  We did manage some quiet time (thank goodness) before it was time to get ready!  Here we are getting ready to go!  Jack stayed home from this event - I cannot imagine keeping up with him AND being able to pay attention to the dancing!
 Love this :) My little ballerina girl!
 And Stella was outside and wanted a picture with Katie - so cute!
 Love this one!  She was SO excited about her recital!
 Daddy and his girl before we went inside...it was kind of bright outside :)
 And I brought her a snack for backstage.  I think she ate the bag of goldfish within the first ten minutes of being there! :)
 Katie and her dance teacher, Ms. Katie :)  She thought it was neat that they had the same name!
 And Katie's flowers from after the recital - she had such a great performance - and she was so proud of her flowers!  When she was on stage, she did a good job dancing...until she saw the big screens on either side of the stage.  Then she started watching herself on the screen! HA! After that got old, she started dancing again :) It was so funny!
 And a picture of Katie with Cee Cee and Grandma!
Tanja, Nick, Nanny, and Papa were there too, but I forgot to get pictures!  After the event was over, we stopped for dinner at Chick fil A - it tasted SO good...we were all starving!  I think the evening was a big success!  So glad Katie had such a great time!  I am so proud of her!


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