Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Big Day: Katie's Actual Birthday

Man does Katie know how to stretch out the birthday celebrations!  The Peppa Pig shindig was the day before her actual birthday and then we had LOTS of fun on the real day!  We had a relaxing morning - and she got to watch some TV!  Doesn't she look older? :)
Then we headed to dance class and then home for lunch!  Shortly after that, Brad's mom came over to hang out with The Dude so that Katie and I could go have a special, fun afternoon for her birthday!  Our first stop was the park!  She was so excited!

Next up was Sweet Cece's for some frozen yogurt!  She loves going there - she picks the yogurt flavor and the toppings all by herself!  She usually gets chocolate yogurt with M&Ms, mini chocolate chips, and colorful sprinkles :)
She was full of funny facial expressions, as seen here.  I think I asked her how big she loved me...and she did this and said, "SO BIG!!!!!"
Our next stop was The Nail Bar to get our nails painted!  I didn't think she would sit still long enough for a real mani/pedi, but before we left she asked when she would get to put her feet in water.  So maybe for the next special occasion we will try for the real thing (maybe at a more kid friendly place)!
After we finished with our nails, we headed to meet Brad for an early dinner at Katie's favorite restaurant - Chuy's!  It was a beautiful day, so we got to sit out on the patio!
And our final stop was a first for Katie - CHUCK E CHEESE! She was so excited she did not know what to do with herself!  Here is another one of those hilarious facial expressions - I have no idea what this one was for...I think she was just super excited and acting crazy!
You may notice in this picture that when Katie plays the ski ball games, she tends to throw the ball rather than roll it.  She that ball in the air?  Oh my.
Me and the birthday girl!
She had so much fun playing all the games.  She did all levels of game and had a blast each time.  This basketball one was perfect - just her size!
And then it was time for Chuck E Cheese himself to make an appearance.  Here is Katie doing the Cupid Shuffle with the mouse.  Oh dear.
And then he threw out tickets for the  kids to grab up.
And then Katie got her picture with him!!  He came out to dance and such one more time while we were there and Katie did even better dancing and also knew that she needed to be more aggressive with grabbing tickets up off the floor!
Since she wasn't big enough to reach the pedals herself, she sat in Brad's lap to drive the car.  She was really getting into it - and she actually did a pretty good job!
And here is Daddy with the birthday girl!
That smile really says it all - she had the BEST time!
When we got home, she opened up her present from me and Brad!  We got her a tennis racket and balls - she was so excited!  We also got her a puzzle game that involves spelling and pictures - she has already played with it and did really well!
Needless to say, we all slept good that night.  But what a fun way to celebrate our little lady turning 4!


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  1. What a fun day! I bet she felt like a princess :)