Friday, May 3, 2013

Peppa Pig + Monkey Joe's = Katie's Heaven

Last Sunday, the day before Katie's actual birthday, was the much-anticipated "Peppa Pig party at Monkey Joe's" .... I really think Katie started asking for that specific type of party around Thanksgiving, if not before! We went to a birthday party there in September or October, and it may have been then that she said she wanted a Peppa party there.  And she stuck with it.  And before this party even happened, she was already planning her 5th birthday party.  I think I am creating a monster :)  

Since she was consistent in her request, we began the planning!  I knew this would be the year to host her party outside of our home - I cannot even imagine the chaos and mess that would happen with 16 crazies running around.  And it was a good thing - had we planned the party for our house, we would have relied heavily on sending them into the backyard....but it rained ALL WEEKEND!  Whew!  Glad we opted for Monkey Joe's!

First, we started with an invitation.  I could not have been more excited with how they turned out!  All I did was say Peppa Pig and where the party was (which has all the fun bouncy things to play in), and this was what was created!  Everything else just fell into place once we had these done!
Katie was so excited to go play with all her friends.  She actually cooperated for a few pictures before we headed out - maybe she realized that the sooner she cooperated the sooner we would head to her party!
I clearly took these pictures at our house :) It was a little windy so it was hard to get a picture where the balloons weren't blowing all over the place (and where Katie was smiling)!
"How old are you Katie??"
LOVE this one! :) And she has done a good job remembering to tell people that she is four now instead of three - I wondered if she would get it or forget and say three!
So sweet!  And I just love her Peppa outfit!  The colors are so bright and fun and Peppa looks just perfect!  Katie was SO excited to have this outfit for her party...and I have a feeling she will want to wear it as often as it is clean :)
After the round of pictures at home, we loaded up and headed to Monkey Joe's!
We got there a little early so we could get into our party room and make sure everything was taken care of!  They have these inflatable chairs for the birthday boy/girl!  And I couldn't decide where to put the balloons, so I opted for in the chair to add some dots, color, and Peppa.  This was actually two bunches of balloons, but they got tangled up in the car, so I just left them together for one bigger bunch of balloons :)
And I may have ordered Peppa plates and napkins...and it may have been from an eBay store based in London.  :)  Since Peppa Pig is a British cartoon, there aren't paper products in the US (at least that I could find)!
Aren't they so cute??
The single balloon bundle :)  We had some dot balloons leftover from Katie's first birthday party...they worked perfectly!
Jack didn't know what to think - he was not a fan of the inflatables!  Not sure if it is because of the noise or because they are gigantic and bounce around.  Here he is with Daddy - so sweet :)
The party favors!  I asked Beth (see the end of this post for all of the vendor information) if she could make little coloring book covers because I found a site that had free Peppa Pig printables to color.  And they turned out perfectly!
And here is a picture of me with my cuties!  Jack was keeping an eye on those inflatables!
This was his feeling about them :) 
But then he warmed up to it and was laughing and shuffling his feet on the chair!
And here is a picture of Grandma and Jack!
And then Katie's friends started arriving!  She had so much fun being the center of attention (not surprising - ha!) and running around with everybody!  Here she is with Stella :)
And here she is with Annalane - such a sweet picture!
She actually stopped playing to give Papa a hug and smile for a picture with him!  Notice the bow had become history at this point - it got in the way when she was playing :)
And I got a picture of Katie with Annalane and Hannah Jo - these three started Mother's Day Out together almost 3 years ago!
And the cake!  It was delicious - and Katie loved that it had Peppa Pig on it!
Here is a close up of Peppa!
The "happy birthday banner" and her name...
And a 4! I still cannot believe my baby is 4!
The whole crew ready to sing!  This was the only time I tried for a group picture...getting that many kids to look and smile and cooperate just wasn't going to happen :) 
Love this! :)
She is quite a pro at blowing out candles!
And then Monkey Joe himself came for a visit!  She was so excited!
Thanks, Jill, for making sure I had a picture with Katie - LOVE it!
And then a picture of me with Katherine and Ashley!
And a family picture - love it!  Jack was super tired at this point, but he was a trooper!
The Allen crew + the Nichols crew!
And here is Katie with her friend, Mary Townes, from dance class!
And here is Katie playing with Olivia and Avery - they were all too focused on playing, so this was the best picture we could manage...not too shabby for a 1 year old, 2 year old, and 4 year old!
Action shot!
What goes up, must come down! :) Wish I hadn't almost chopped her head off, but she was zooming down that slide!
And she stopped to smile!  
Everyone was so generous - Katie racked was like Christmas x 5! I need to get on writing some thank you notes - and I'm going to get Katie to sign her notes this year!
My favorite part?  Loading up the car and heading clean up to do! 
When we got home from the party, Katie opened up all the goodies.  She loved every.single.thing that she got!
This is one of my favorites - she managed a sweet, cute smile...even though she was clearly exhausted :)  Being a party girl is hard work!
Finishing up the gift opening.  Whew!  We did get a few of the presents out of their packaging for her to play with...but I like to save them and get new ones out to spread out the fun and entertainment :)
Party day was an absolute success!!  Katie said her favorite part was playing at Monkey Joe's with her friends - love it!

And here is all of the information on where the party supplies, cake, outfit, etc came from!  I like to keep up with this so that I don't forget too!

Invitations: Beth Hart Designs (Facebook, website)
Peppa Pig Outfit: Bella Grace Designs (Facebook, website)
Peppa Pig plates, napkins, + balloons: thepartycompanyuk (eBay store)
Polka Dot balloons: Polka Dot Market (Facebook, website)
Peppa Pig cake: hannicakes (email)
Location: Monkey Joe's (website)
Peppa Pig coloring book: Beth Hart Designs (Facebook, website)
Marker packs: Target Dollar Spot
M&Ms: Michael's



  1. Peppa Pig is a fantastic theme for a party. Our 3 year old grandson wanted to invite Peppa Pig to his birthday party, and we had just as much fun putting it together as the kids did on the day.

  2. O.....m......go. Thank you for this post. I just brought everything peppa pig but already booked monkey joes. I was wondering how this is going to goink to go. You just settled all my fears!!!! Back to working on the cake!!!