Monday, May 6, 2013

Does She Ever Stop Partying??

Katie sure knows how to celebrate her birthday!  The day after her birthday, she had her school party!  We picked up a dozen donuts at Krispy Kreme for her to take!  It was perfect...they even gave me enough of the Krispy Kreme hats to take to Katie's class!  Katie was so excited!
This little sign was hanging up outside the classroom, and she also had a birthday crown she got to wear!  What a fun time!  Though I feel bad for her teacher because I feel certain all the kids were bouncing off the walls!  I think they do the birthday treats at snack time, which is before they go to the playground, so hopefully they got all their energy out on the playground!
And then last Wednesday, Katie had another party at Cee Cee's house!  Will and Meme did not come to her party and they wanted to celebrate.  Twist Katie's arm, right??  A party means a cake and presents, so of course she was excited about that idea!  Here she is before we sang happy birthday to her.
I love how she is looking at her cake so excited - she loves a fun birthday party!
And an action shot of her blowing out the candles!  Love it!
Look at that cheesy grin!  Ha!  I think she was excited about some cake with pink icing!
And I got a picture of Katie with Cee Cee and Meme!
And then Meme with Jack!  He had the best time playing, laughing, and squealing with Meme!
And then it was present time!  She got some very fun things - including a Sophia the First DVD from Uncle Will and a puppet theater and puppets from Cee Cee!  She can't wait to play with it!
I think the celebration at Cee Cee's house was the final one!  She has opened a few more presents and loves every single thing she has gotten!  What a fun birthday she has had!


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