Friday, May 24, 2013

Spirit Week, Spring Music Program, + The End of School

I can't believe school is already out for summer!  There was a lot going on at school the last few weeks, so I decided to wait and do one gigantic post with all of the fun pictures!  And I think I'm almost all caught up on everything - whew!  We certainly stay busy, so just when I think I'm caught up, there are more fun pictures and posts to come! :)

After we got back from the beach, they had Spirit Week at school to celebrate Teacher's Appreciation Week!  The kids had a blast with this and it was so fun to see them all dressed funny!

The Tuesday of that week was Wacky Day.  Katie wore pigtails with mismatched bows, jammies, and 2 different shoes (couldn't see them in this pic!).  She thought it was the best thing ever!  And she absolutely loves pigtails...I need to let her do pigtails more often!
The Wednesday of that week was Cowgirl/boy Day!  It was so much fun!  And thank goodness some of our friends at cowgirl boots :)  Katie thought it was so fun to dress up - and she loved the pink boots!
 And the Thursday of that week the kids were supposed to wear red or pink to show their teacher some love.  I thought Katie looked so sweet - love that cute outfit!
I wondered if she would expect to wear fun themed items to school from then on, but I think she understood that it was just a special week of fun clothes (thank goodness)!

A few weeks later, on the Wednesday before Mother's Day, they had their Spring Music Program!  They had given us a CD of the songs so the kiddos could practice, so I knew all of the songs! :)  I loved seeing Katie on stage - it was amazing how much more confident she was on stage for this performance versus the one before Thanksgiving in the Fall!  And it was good practice to be on stage for her dance recital too!  The girls had to wear red and the boys wore white - let me say, finding a red shirt was hard!  I ended up ordering this one (with dots, of course) from the Carter's website I think!

Here are my favorite kiddos before taking Katie to school.  Jack looks like a giant here!
 And then one of my little rockstar :)
 At the beginning of the program they allow a couple minutes for everybody to get a picture of their kiddo on stage - such a great idea!
 Katie's class was front and center for this performance!  And of course Katie was on the back row since she is so tall!
 And an action shot - so sweet!
 Tanja came!  Katie was so excited - I hadn't told her Tanja was going to try to come just in case a meeting came up at work or something, so she was thrilled to see her!
 And a picture of us with our cutie girl!
 Grandma and Cee Cee were so proud to see Katie on stage too! 
 And of course Jack - he did great during the performance!

On the next to last day of school (Blue Day), I realized I didn't have a picture of Katie with her teacher, Ms. Janet!  I love how this turned out!  Ms. Janet was such a blessing this year - she is the sweetest teacher!  Katie has been so lucky to have such wonderful teachers so far!  And I think Jack will follow in her footsteps with the same teachers (hopefully) starting this fall! Yay!
And the last day of school - she looks so grown up!
And of course I had to do a comparison of the first and last day of school.  Goodness!  She looked like a little girl at the beginning of the year!  And now - not so much. 
We are so blessed to be part of the great preschool program at our church.  Katie has thrived there and I expect Jack will have a wonderful experience there as well!  The crazy part?  This time next year we will be gearing up for Kindergarten prep - AH!  Slow down, time!


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