Monday, September 2, 2013

Doggy Dresses, Chick Fil A, + The Fair

A few weeks ago (was it really three weeks ago??), we had a girl's night and headed to the fair with Stella and Jill.  We went with them last year (it is crazy to look at that post and see how much the girls have changed) and thought they would really enjoy it this year!  We put the girls in their matching dresses and tried to get a few pictures of them together all matchy-matchy.  These were the best ones I could get!

And then one of my sweet girl.  I can always tell when it is a fake smile by those little dimples under her eyes :)
And I got a cute one of Jill and Stella too!  Love this one!
After we finished the pictures, we swung by Chick Fil A and ate it in the car on the way to the fair.  That was a great idea - the girls had chicken and milkshakes - and they were ready to roll once we got there!
It is so fun to listen to them really talk and carry on cute conversations!
Katie could hardly wait to ride everything!
We payed and got the girls their stamps so that they could ride whatever they wanted (as opposed to buying tickets) and headed to the rides!
Love this action shot!
They were so excited to ride the roller coaster - they couldn't stop watching it go around as they waited!
And the girls went on the big slide.  I think that ended up being Katie's favorite - she went on it 3 or 4 times...all by herself!  I thought for sure she would be at least hesitant, but she couldn't get enough!
Here she is ready for another ride down!  
It's hard to really see her, but she has the biggest smile and you can tell she is laughing as she slides down the bottom!
Then we went inside for a little while - time to cool off and use the bathroom!  Jill took this picture of me and Katie - love it!
They did all kinds of rides - even the carousel! 
And after walking through the part where they pretend to be farmers, they wanted to visit all the animals.  Here they are trying to feed the horse some hay!
And another ride - this was at the end as she slid out.
It was a late night for the girls, but it was so much fun!  I know they had a great time...and I think it is safe to say it may be a tradition.  That is, until the little brothers are old enough and decide they need to go too! :)


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