Monday, March 31, 2014

Party, Princesses, + Pirates

Another post in my effort to catch up on everything!  Back in February, the weekend after Valentine's Day, we had some fun for sure! 
First off, I can't get enough of this outfit!  Love the colors :) Perfect for spring!
Gosh - looking at these pictures, Katie has changed so much in the month and a half since this was taken!  AH!  Sweet girl :)
This one may be my favorite.  Love it - and love her!  She was so excited about the fun we were about to have!
And this guy was eating when he saw my camera out and hammed it up for a picture!
Our first stop was our friend Avery's 3rd birthday party!  Avery always tells her momma that she wants "to be silly with Katie" - too funny!  They loved dressing up together...and of course being silly!
Love that I got a picture of Avery blowing her candles out!  And those pigtails are just adorable!
And I got way lucky to catch this picture - such a sweet girl!
The kids always love helping eachother open the presents! 
And a picture of Katie, Avery, and Olivia!  Love that all of us parents were college friends and our kiddos are growing up together (in the same neighborhood no less!)!
And then we had to leave the birthday party a little early to head to Disney's Princess and Pirate downtown! Katie couldn't wait - and she was so excited that we were sitting with her friend Julia!
A miracle!  Katie and Daddy cooperated for a picture!
AND she cooperated for a picture with me too :) Yay!
She just sat there and watched for a little while, but then she got into it and participated!  I didn't realize that I bought tickets just one or two rows away from the stage!
Love this picture!  She loves to ride on Daddy's shoulders.  And I think he is a fan too :)
And then after the show we took Katie to dinner - I think she really loves spending time just the three of us.  I want to make sure we do that as often as we can with all of the kids - special time with just us and them!  We ate at Local Taco and it is now one of my favorites for sure!
I can't believe how big Katie is getting.  I know I will blink and she will be headed to college.  Slow down time!
That was definitely a fun day!  Stay tuned for more catch up as well as some weekend recaps and other fun things!

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