Friday, June 20, 2014

First Time As Five!

So later in the day on Ryan's birth day, Brad went home to shower and tell the kids the big news.  Clearly we weren't prepared for Ryan to join us yet and we knew it would be a bit of a shock to the kiddos that we left for a date night and came home with another baby!  So he went home and chatted with them and then headed back to the hospital with the kids and Grandma!  While he was gone, Tanja came to visit (and she stayed to help take pics of the big "first meeting" of the siblings)!  Here she is with Ryan!
And a picture of more skin to skin time!  After that, it was time to get Ryan ready for the big meeting :)
Here he is wearing his "lil bro" gown!
And I love this picture!  That expression is just so cute!  He had no idea about the chaos that was soon to enter the room! :)
And then they arrived!  Brad brought some things I had forgotten at home, and Grandma, Katie, and Jack were ready to meet the newest addition!  After being around Ryan so much, Jack just seemed so big...and of course Katie seemed so big too!
I think Katie was excited - what do you think??
The kids were pretty thrilled to see me and get on the hospital bed!  I think they were also pretty excited to get to meet Baby Ryan!
I love this picture :)  Jack was very curious about this little guy...but he was so sweet too!
In fact, he gave him a great big hug!  That would be why you see Brad lunging into the picture...ha!  He wanted to make sure Jack's hug wasn't turning into a strangle!
And Katie couldn't wait to hold her baby brother!
Just look at that smile! Even still, she gets so excited to hold him - which of course makes me oh so happy!
And look at that cheesy grin!  I think he missed me for sure :)  Either that or he was slightly jealous that I was holding the baby and not him!
And then Grandma got her hands on the little guy!  I think this picture is so sweet!
And here I am with the "big kids" :)
And then we got a picture of them smiling...and Ryan was actually awake!
While Grandma was snuggling on the little peanut, Tanja took this picture of the 4 of us.  So cute!
And Jack was still interested in Ryan, so Brad helped him give the baby a kiss - so sweet!  Jack still gives him a gentle kiss every night at bedtime!
Grandma and Ryan!

Love this one of the two girls :) Katie is such a fantastic big sister - just like I knew she'd be!
And then my sweet (and most favorite) nurse came in and brought the kids some graham crackers!  The kids were super excited to have a treat during the visit!
And naturally Jack was most excited :) Already a true boy with food being the way to his heart...especially if it is remotely sweet!
Katie didn't want to leave my side the whole time she was there!  She kept checking out Ryan and asking questions and just wanting to be close!
And then it was time to try for a family of five picture...I love how this one turned out!  I may have to do a post sometime soon of the outtakes of this was rather entertaining!  And it is just the beginning of the fun of taking pictures of three kids :)
Katie was so sweet holding Ryan!  It just makes my momma heart so happy!
And she took a break from staring at her new brother to smile for the camera!
And then Jack wanted his turn up in the bed right next to me!  He kept scooting closer and closer - too cute!
And while I got some Jack snuggles, Grandma got some more Ryan time!  Katie had to be right there watching him - love it!
Then she wanted to hold him one more time!  After helping her get set up with the Boppy pillow and everything, I suggested she talk to him so he could learn her voice.  Without any further prompting, she starting singing him "Jesus Loves Me" - that memory will be stay with me was the sweetest, most innocent and natural thing ever.  And he was just so calm and peaceful when she was singing to him.  Thank goodness Tanja was still there - she was able to catch the last half of the song on video!
And then I got a picture of me with my little guys!  I hope they grow up to be best friends and protect each other no matter what!  And of course Jack had eaten all of his crackers by now :)
While it was definitely a chaotic meeting, it was just perfect.  Seeing the expressions on Katie's and Jack's faces as they met their new brother was priceless.  They were just in awe of this little being - can't say that I blame them! 
I thought about having them come for one more visit to the hospital, but instead I opted for that to be it.  I took the time to really snuggle and enjoy my time with just Ryan - we have years to come of having all three kiddos together under one roof :) 
I was in the hospital for three nights (standard for after a c-section) and had a really good experience while there! Stay tuned for a post of the rest of my stay with pictures of the visitors with Ryan and some other cute picture I got of him!  I can't believe he is almost 2 weeks old already!  Time is just flying by!


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