Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weekend Recap

It sure was nice to not have anything major on the calendar this weekend!  We were able to spend some time together and relax - definitely needed!  Yesterday, we got up and had an easy morning - ate breakfast and played with toys!  Then we all got ready and took Sadie to the dog park!  The kids like it as much as the dog I think :) Katie took it upon herself to make sure all the dogs had water...and Jack kept trying to sneak over to the water and play in it.  Oh my.
Katie also has gotten into climbing trees lately - here she is at it again!
 Jack also likes to play with all the dog obstacles! HA!
 I am fairly certain the only reason Sadie got up on this one was because Jack was up there.  She's usually a scaredy dog!
 She had the best time!  Consider this a "before" picture...
...after we finished at the dog park, we dropped Sadie off at Petsmart for a haircut and bath.  Good say they got carried away is an understatement...I took this picture of her today!
I know she has to be cooler and more comfortable, but her body looks like a different dog!  At least the dog hair tumbleweeds won't be as bad for a little while :)
And then last night, Cat and Tyler came over for pizza and to hang out.  It was great to visit - and who knows!  The next time we see them, they could have a wee one in tow!  I made Cat do a belly pic together - doesn't she look amazing for 37.5 weeks pregnant?!? I sure wish I were taller :) So she is 37 weeks pregnant and I am 36 weeks pregnant here.  Can't wait to meet their sweet baby and see if Ryan will have a girlfriend or a buddy! 
We also got a new deck!  They tore down our old one on Memorial Day and then started the new one on Wednesday - and finished last night!  I love it - can't wait to find a table and chairs and be able to enjoy it!  And the plan is to have a paver patio and sidewalk done hopefully this fall - the vision for the backyard will finally come together! :)
Today, we had an easy day.  I slept horribly last night (as in, I was awake for 3 hours) so I napped this morning and then did some shuffling and organizing this afternoon before reading some of the book I am on currently.  And then tonight we ate dinner with Brad's family - it was so nice!  The kids ate well and behaved and the food was amazing and it was nice to be able to visit!
The kids start at their new preschool tomorrow - can't wait to have some time to get things done around the house, get some freezer/crockpot meals done, get ready for Jack's birthday party, and take time to relax and maybe even spend some time poolside :)  It will definitely be an adjustment for the kids as it is a longer day, but they will have a great time for sure!


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  1. Definitely sounds like an enjoyable weekend! Love the belly pics. You two are so cute!