Tuesday, June 10, 2014

He Just Couldn't Wait!!

Boy have things been crazy lately!  The kids have been going to preschool and are adjusting well! 

Last Saturday, we celebrated Jack's 2nd birthday with a choochoo party at our house! He had a fun time and the weather cooperated for it to be an outside party - whew! Naturally, once I go through the pictures, a separate post will be done.

Saturday afternoon/night, Brad and I had a staycation/babymoon...we went to see Neighbors, checked into a local hotel, and then went to a nice dinner - it was so nice!

There was one slight "issue"....I was in LABOR! Yes....I woke up Saturday morning at 2:45 and was having contractions every 5-5.5 minutes! Thank GOODNESS things calmed down enough to have Jack's party! And then I relaxed and drank lots of water and we headed out to go to a movie!  So fast forward to about10:30 Saturday night and I decided it'd be good to go to sleep...which only lasted about two hours! I started having stronger contractions around 12:30 and they were getting stronger and more frequent! I finally told Brad we needed to head to the hospital at 3:07...they were about 4-4.5 minutes apart!

I'll do a more detailed "birth story" post, but to sum it up, we got to the hospital and determined I was in active labor!! I ended up with a c-section since I had had two previous ones...and so within less than two hours, we got to meet our sweet miracle baby!

Ryan was born at 6:39am and weighed 6 lbs, 15 oz and was 19.25 inches long!
Big sister Katie and big brother Jack were big fans for sure - it was simply amazing to see my THREE kiddos together!

I'm still in the hospital - should be able to head home tomorrow!

I will do additional posts of everything with pictures from the real camera! Thank goodness for iPhone cameras!


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