Saturday, June 14, 2014

Jack's 2nd Birthday Party

What a whirlwind week!  This time last weekend we were in the midst of celebrating Jack and his birthday!  It was so fun - we had a train come and take kids on rides!  I am so glad we planned on having his party early since Ryan decided to make his debut early!  In fact, I woke up at 2:45 am the day of Jack's party having contractions - they were about 5-5.5 minutes apart but ended up settling down a little.  So I was having contractions during the whole thing! Yikes! Thank goodness for Tanja and Nick - she came over to help get things ready and Nick picked up the party platters for us.  And thankfully the weather cooperated and the entire party was outside!
First, here is the invitation that we used!  It couldn't have turned out cuter!
And here are some of the décor from the party!  I actually remembered to put up the Happy Birthday garden flag!
 And I had some games set up - this bean bag toss game...
 ...and a ring toss game too!  I also had sidewalk chalk and a bubble machine - they were a hit!
On this table, I put a framed invitation, the drinks, and a few other little decorations!
 And the cake!  It was so cute - and just what I had hoped for!
 Of course it had a "2" on the top - can't believe Jack is turning 2 already!
 And here is one side of the food table!
 And the rest of the food table!
 And I put the wagon out for the gifts - we still haven't opened them because of all of the excitement!  We decided to save them until his real birthday - which happens to be tomorrow!
And the birthday boy!  Man, he looks so big!
 And these two loved the rocking chair on the neighbors' front porch! I figured out that's why they are leaning forward - to make it rock!
 Sweet Katie :)  She loves a good party and couldn't wait to celebrate Jack turning two!
 Jack sure loves his Daddy!
 And we got a family picture before the craziness of the party began!
And while we waited, Nick read Jack (and Katie) a book - so sweet! 
 And then we headed outside!  I think Jack was in disbelief that there was a real train in front of our house!  Look at that expression!
 He got to sit in the conductor's seat and ring the bell - he loved it!
 Look at him "driving" the train!  He thought that was pretty special!
 And a picture of Tanja and Nick - they have been lifesavers over the last week!
 And they went on a ride before everyone got here!  I decided to sit out since I was having contractions - though I did go on a ride towards the end with Jack!
 There they go!  So much fun!
 Katie and Stella thought it was pretty fun too! 
 Jack and Hank were ready for another ride!
 More friends on the train - I think the adults liked the train as much as the kiddos did!
 And they were back!
 Who knows what Jack saw - he certainly was excited about something though!
 Amy and Knox waiting for a ride on the train!
 McKenna, Katie, and Chloe ready for another ride!  Look at all that blonde hair!
 Love this sweet picture of Hank and Stella on the train!
 Fletch and his sweet momma on the train!
 Carter and his sweet mom!  The sun started coming out right about now - it was bright!
 And Annalane and Cal with their mom!  Cute picture :)
 And Eli with his sweet mom!  I tried to get picture of all the friends on the choo choo :)
 And Tanja and Jack waiting on a ride!
 And one of the last picture of me pregnant - good grief my belly was low and large!  See my holding my phone in my pocket?  I had gotten an app for my phone to time contractions - just had to press start and stop and it did the rest!  I think I may have been having a contraction while taking this picture!
Jack had a big time with the chalk and bubbles!
 He and Carter were trying to figure out how to work the bubble machine!
 A picture of me and Jack on the train - holding hands.  He kept reaching for my hand!  Love it.
 And the last train ride of the party - it was there the first half of the party!  That was one full train!
 There they go!
 A view of the set up for the party!
 Annalane and Katie were super excited about the rock candy!  I think Katie ate rock candy, jelly beans, and cake at the party! We got her to eat some fruit and cheese once we got inside after the party!
 Shortly after the train left, we sang happy birthday to Jack! He wasn't sure what to think!
 Time to blow out the candle!
 And another family picture with the cake!  We had to hurry with the cake because it got melty in the sun!
 Jack definitely made time to sit down and eat some cake :)  Smart boy to sit in the shade!
 And here are the goody bags!  Aren't they cute?  They had train stickers, a little transportation board book, and a train container inside!
 I also made a few goody bags for the older kiddos with some other things in it!
 Ashley and Lila at the party - wish Lila had kept her eyes open!
 And I love this - a party picture with my sweet almost 2 year old!
 Once the party was over, Jack had a blast playing with the balloons!
 ...and so did Cal!
 The two pregnant ladies!  The last belly picture that Cat and I took!
 And a picture of me and Tanja - cute one!
 Just look at these pretty girls!  So sweet!
What a fun party!  And Jack had a blast - he was a sweaty mess after everything was said and done...and he took a fantastic nap too!  So glad we made those memories before Ryan arrived :)
And here are a few of the vendors I used for the party!  It was simple but turned out just how I wanted it!  So glad we were able to be outside!
Invitation: Beth Hart Designs
Jack's choo choo outfit: Babe-A-Gogo
Train: D&H Railroad
Birthday Cake: Puffy Muffin
Choo Choo favor bags: The Purple Pug


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