Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fun Summer Day With Friends

This morning we went to our friends' house for some fun!  We hadn't seen them since our regular preschool let out, so it was great to visit - momma visit time, big sisters, and little brothers!  The girls played dress up for a bit before we headed outside for water fun!  Look at them - I can't get over how pretty and grown up they look!
 And of course the little brothers played with choo choos for a while before heading outside for more fun.  They are definitely choo choo obsessed!  Here they are hard at work and full of concentration!
 Then it was time for some water fun!  They all loved this hopscotch water toy!  Jack kept "washing his hands" in the end part that had the most water flow.
 And I love this action shot! :)
 Sweet, sweet friends!
 And these boys loved racing the dumptrucks!  So cute!
 They all played really well together and had a great time getting each other wet! 
 HA!  He got drenched!  I think Annalane was splashing him and he was running away and laughing and then heading back for more!
 Handsome guy. 
 After we played outside, we changed and headed inside for some lunch before we all had to go!  The kids had such a fun time!
And of course when we got home, the kids headed straight to our train table!  They both love it, but Jack especially loves it!  Love this!  And Katie has been asking to wear this dress for about a week - she proclaimed today that it was her most favorite dress!  I have to say - it is super soft and Matilda Jane, so I love it :) She likely loves it because it has pockets!
 And look at that concentration!
 And good gracious, I know I said this yesterday, but I cannot get over how handsome and big this boy is!  Look at that smile!  And wearing blue clearly makes his eyes pop.  Love him so.
The kids are so lucky to have such fun friends - and I'm so lucky that their mommas are so fun!  Can't wait to hang out with them again!


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