Saturday, June 28, 2014

Happy Due Date!

This past Thursday was Ryan's actual due date - hard to believe he is almost 3 weeks old instead!  His face is getting fuller and he definitely has more alert time!  He is a good baby - just likes to eat a lot :) 
Just look at that snugglebug!  I love his full, kissy lips!
 I can't get enough of those sweet smiles - even if they are while he is trying to fall asleep!
Hello, Little Peanut!  He is so close to having real smiles and I can hardly wait!  He also has a little double chin!  
 There's not much better than a sleeping baby - I could just eat him up!
 A growing little guy!  Another post coming on how his two week appointment went - he's definitely growing!
Hard to believe he was born June 8 but wasn't scheduled to arrive until the 19th...and wasn't due until the 26th!  I guess he wanted to leave an impression on the entire month (already trying to steal Jack's thunder)!
Life with three littles is definitely no joke!  That's what I've learned so far.  That and the fact that I am super glad Katie and Jack are in school three days a week :)  It can only get easier, right?  Or maybe it'll just seem easier once I actually get some sleep!


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