Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer School + Choo Choos

Today began a new chapter for this summer!  Both kids started at the awesome preschool in our neighborhood - it is such a great place!  Jack had an awesome day - his teachers said he was a good listener and sat at the table in his little chair for lunch and napped (briefly) on a cot!  And Katie got upset at drop-off (so odd), but she ended up having a great day and couldn't stop talking about everything once I picked them up!
Of course I had to get some pictures this morning - this is on our new deck!  We did composite decking for the horizontal pieces - and we have to wait about 3 months before sealing the vertical pieces.  So for now?  They don't match!  But I love the size of the deck!  Doesn't Katie look old??  She picked out her outfit and requested a braid in her hair!
 And this was the best I could do of them together.  Not too horrible - except the angle of the sun on Katie's head...and the fact that Sadie is photobombing on the side!
 And where on earth did my sweet little Baby Jack go!?  Looking at this picture of him - good grief.  And I know that feeling is about to get worse once Ryan is born...but look at him!  He is looking more and more little boy and less and less toddler!
 And the kids were at school from about 8:45 until a few minutes after 4...long day for sure, but they had a good time!  When we got home, the kids got to play with the train table for the first time!  We got this for Jack for an early birthday present and he was SO excited!  We moved it into the sunroom last night and this afternoon was his first chance to play with it.  This was his first time checking it out...
 And Katie was excited to play with it too!  I see lots of time spent at this table this summer :)  That works out nicely because there is a comfy chair right next to it where I can sit with Ryan!
 And I LOVE this picture - he is so intense about the choo choos and figuring out how everything works on the table!
 Love this girl so much.  And can't believe she is so close to starting kindergarten too!  We will just call this the summer of transition :)
 Think he approves?  I certainly do!
We are having his 2nd birthday party a little early - so I have been working on getting the details taken care of for that since it is this weekend :)  Hopefully it all comes together like I hope!


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