Monday, June 23, 2014

Jack: 2 Years Old

Weight: 28.5 pounds (50-75th percentile!)
Height: 35 inches (50-75th percentile!)
Diaper Size: 5
Clothing Size: 2T - though I would imagine we could stand to size up on the jammies since they fit  a little more tightly!  Some of the 2T is starting to get snug, so I may start to go through our 3T things and see if any of it looks like it would fit!
Shoe Size: He is a size 7 give or take - obviously it depends on the brand of shoe!
Eating: He is a little hit or miss here - one day he may be super picky and then the next day may eat everything in sight.  Part of that is due to the fact that when he teethes, he means business.  Just recently, he cut all four of his canine teeth.  That was less than pleasant to say the least!  His favorites are mac and cheese, grilled cheese, and cheese quesadillas.  I think there's a trend there! He is also crazy about sweets.  We thought Katie was into sweets, but I really think Jack has her beat.  He loves donuts, cookies, milkshakes, ice cream, and cake :)  A boy after my own heart for sure.  When we have trouble getting him to eat, he will eat just spoonfuls of peanut butter - good protein, healthy fat, and calories!  He also loves yogurt covered raisins, yogurt, applesauce, strawberries, apple slices, blueberries, and watermelon.  As for veggies, he will eat green beans - and not too long ago, he did awesome with corn on the cob!  And now that he is two, we will just have to buy one kind of milk again! Yay! 
Sleeping: He is a good sleeper (knock on wood)!  He sleeps anywhere from 12-14 hours at night and then takes one nap that is typically 1.5-2 hours!  He is still in his crib and I pray he stays in there for a while longer :)  At night, he sleeps in a sleep sack still, so I do think that deters him from trying to climb out - whatever it takes!  And he still takes a pacifier to sleep...we will be getting rid of that very, very soon!
Favorite Book: He really likes The Little Engine That Could and Night Night Prayer and Elmer's Friends.  To be such a wild man, I love that he will sometimes go over and grab a book and climb onto the couch or into a chair and look at it.  When he is finished, he will put it back on the bookcase and get another one!
Favorite Songs: "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", "The Wheels On The Bus", "Jesus Loves Me", "ABCs", "If You're Happy And You Know It"...oh, and of course Pharrell's "Happy" - he just lights up and dances and has a blast whenever that song comes on!
Favorite Toys: Anything transportation!  He absolutely loves Thomas (or any other train)...and he loves to play ball.  We got him the train table for his birthday and I think he could play with that for hours!  He also loves the shopping cart toy we have!  Oh, and playing with Katie's plasma car :)  He likes the water table outside.  And the cozy coupe too! 
Favorite Activities: I would say his favorite thing to do at home is to play with his new train table!  He also will point to the TV and say "SHOW!!" :) That generally means turning on anything - it is just an added bonus if it is Thomas or the movie Planes.  He is just a busy body - all boy for sure!  Playing chase around the house (along with hide and go seek) is one of his favorites now too.  And at the end of our street, there is a big hill with a rock wall that a family of groundhogs lives in - Jack loves to look for them!  And whenever we don't see them, he says, "Shhh! Groundhogs night night!" - love it!  He also is quick to tell me when I should "GO!" when I'm driving.  And he typically has a preference as to which way we turn out of the neighborhood - one way takes you to a train track and the other way takes you past all kinds of construction!  He also enjoys talking and saying new things - he is doing great with colors and numbers and is super eager to learn more!  He also loves his Sissy something fierce...he misses her so much when she isn't here to play with him!  I love watching them play is so sweet!
The Smarts: Jack can count to 10 (he likes to count the stairs as we go down and there are two sets of 8!) and attempts to say his ABC's!  He is so proud that he knows everyone in the family and could sit and go through roll call for quite some time I think.  He has a list of 75+ words and is starting to string them together in phrases.  Of course right now he prefers to say no, but he does know yes as well :)  His preferred colors to point out are blue and yellow, but he is working on the rest (thanks to having a big sis, he does know pink and purple as well)!  Stars were his first shape to point out, but he also is familiar with circles (because they look like a ball) and hearts (and is working on the rest).  It is so interesting to see the difference in boys and girls - Katie was a little more quick to catch on to things whereas Jack is just a ball of pure energy!
Melt My Heart Moment: Jack is definitely a snuggly little guy.  Most recently, when I got to finally see him again after having been in the hospital and then being quarantined away from him since he was sick, seeing that sweet face was priceless.  His expression and the fact that he wanted lots of snuggles made me oh so thrilled.  And then when we got downstairs, he sat on the couch and would say, "Mommy!"...pat his hand down on the couch next to him...and tell me to "SIT!!!" :)  Of course I was quick to do that!  I missed him so much!  Also, recently someone asked him what the baby's name is (he generally refers to him just as Baby) and his answer was "SH!" We got a good laugh that he said that was what his name is!
On The Horizon: This is a looking forward to and not so much - potty training! He does a pretty good job going pee pee on the potty either before or after his bath (he sits on the potty at both times)...and he is so proud when he goes!  Those fists in the air with a "Woo Woo!!" - love it!  So that will happen probably this fall - I can't imagine potty training with a newborn!  He also still takes the binky when he sleeps - we will be getting rid of that soon!  He did great with the transition from being rocked to sleep to us just putting him in the crib with no rocking, so I am hoping that getting rid of the binky will be just as easy :)  One can hope, right?  He is also still in a crib - and I'm hoping he stays that way for a while.  Katie was 2.5 when she met us at the top of the stairs, so I am hoping that Jack makes it at least that long.  We will put him in the sleep sack - partly because it makes climbing more difficult :)  His first haircut is likely in the near future - he has some curly, swirly hair in the back!  It's so cute!

I cannot believe that our little guy is already 2!  I can't wait to see what he learns and does this next year - I know he will be sure to keep us on our toes!



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