Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Hospital Stay

So you are going to have to bare with me - this post is going to be jam packed with pictures!  I think they are my favorite kind, so hopefully you agree :)
The Rest of Sunday (Day 1)
After the visitor crew (Grandma, Katie, Jack, and Tanja) headed out, Brad and I had time with Ryan just the two of us!  Here Ryan is snuggling with Daddy!
 Just look at that cutie pie face!  I think he was ready for some more kisses :)
 And another picture of Daddy with Ryan!  He took a break from watching the Braves game on his iPad to take a picture :) Such a nice Daddy, right? ha!
 And here we are enjoying some more skin to skin time.  I still can't get enough of the skin to skin!
 Day Two:
On Monday morning, Brad left the hospital early so he could go home and get the kids to school (since he sort of knew the routine)!  This was the only time I got out the nice camera the whole time I was in the hospital.  I actually got up and took a shower that morning!  It was so nice :)
When Jack was born, we put a picture of Katie in his bassinet.  This time, we put a put a picture of both Katie and Jack in Ryan's bassinet.  We got lots of comments about that - none of my nurses had seen people do that before! 
 Sweet angel boy face.  So peaceful and amazing.
 Later in the morning, my mom and brother came to visit and let Will meet Ryan!
 My friend, Ashley, came to visit on her lunch break :)
 And our friend Amanda came to visit too!
 I think, once again, I was doing more skin to skin.  Any kind of snuggles work for us!
 And Brad and Ryan were snuggling during the afternoon before Brad left to get the kids from school and stay with them for the evening!
 Later that afternoon, Cat came to visit.  She even changed his diaper for me!
 And that evening, I had time with just me and Ryan.  I wasn't too excited about the prospect of two nights in the hospital by myself, but it actually was really nice to just be able to focus on Ryan and relax!
 It also gave me the chance to take more pictures of our little peanut :)
 Later in the afternoon, my aunt Anne came to visit with my grandmother!  I'm so glad she got to come!
 And here is Ryan with my Meme!
 After an outfit change, he was less than thrilled to take a picture.  If I had to guess, I'd say the outfit change was due to him peeing all over...he definitely is more prone to spraying than Jack ever has been!
 And he was more content snuggling in with Mommy. :) No complaints here!
Day Three
 The next morning he was more willing to have his picture taken.  Looking through these pictures definitely shows me the he had that yellow tint to his skin!  Glad we seem to be passed that!
 And my mom came early that day to visit!
 And my friend Jill came to visit too!
 Brad's aunt and uncle came a little while later!  It seemed to be a steady flow of visitors!  We didn't get pictures of them, but a couple of guys that Brad works with (that are technically his bosses) came to visit too!  So nice.
 And my Dad and Robbin got into town!  They finally got to come meet Ryan and visit!  And my Dad always brings a chocolate milkshake to me in the hospital...this time it was from Elliston Soda Shop - delicious!
 And I got a picture with my little guy :)
 And Daddy was obviously there too - had to get another picture of them together!
 And a Mommy - Ryan selfie! :)  Love this one!
 After Dad and Robbin left, they went to hang out with Katie and Jack so that Grandma could come for another visit!
 Grandma and Daddy left around the same time, so Ryan and I had more time to hang out just the two of us
 Day four was going home time, so that will be the next post :) I had a really good experience at the hospital where I delivered - I kind of wish I had stayed one more night - you'll see why on the going home post!  Never dull at our house, that's for sure! 


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