Monday, October 6, 2014

Brad's Birthday

Better late than never, which is seeming to be a trend with my blogging these days.  I guess having three kids is a good excuse.  And the fact that Brad has been traveling SO MUCH lately.  Thank goodness there is not another trip in the works.  But we survived!  And somewhere in there, Brad got another year older!
His birthday was on a Friday and Katie insisted that he open his present before going to work!
 Here she is with the birthday boy.  It also happened to be the last day of spirit week at Katie's school so she was decked out in her school colors!
 Katie had worked hard on a birthday card for him, so she wanted to make sure he noticed every detail!  So cute.
 And here is Jack with the birthday boy.  One day we will let him sit in a real chair :) maybe when he won't fit in the highchair anymore - ha!  I do think we need to start scooting him up to the table and using it more as a booster.  Soon.  Add it to the list :)
 And Jack has been wanting to get in a picture with Katie before walking down to the bus stop - and he actually cooperates for the most part!
 And we celebrated with cake later in the day when we got home from the festival at Katie's school!  That cake.  Man is it good.
 That was the first thing Brad said he wanted for his birthday - a Darlene's cake!  When we have a family birthday, we always get a cake from her and they are SO good.
 And Katie helped blow out the candles!
 The next night, we went to eat at Chuy's with Brad's family - it was delicious!  They came over and we all had cake again!
And then the Sunday evening, Brad and I went on a date night.  He requested Burger Republic, so we headed there to watch football and have burgers and milkshakes!  And since we didn't know what else to do, where did we end up? Target, of course!  No date night is complete without a stop at Target!
Katie took this picture of us...I'm not a fan of the angle.  Or maybe it's just that I'm not a fan of my post-baby body here...but I'm working on it.  So it will just have to do for now!  I am back on the calorie counting bandwagon.  And I'm trying to get into a walking routine.  I think we are getting there!  I can't wait to start back to Tae Bo sometime soon!

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