Monday, October 13, 2014

Frozen On Ice

Weekend before last, Brad and I took Katie to see Frozen on Ice!  I bought us tickets when they first went on sale in March or April knowing that she would really like time with just us after having those crazy brothers and being in school.  And I sure was right!  We didn't tell her the details until we were in the car on the way there.  And she squealed.  A lot!
Here she is once we walked inside.  She was so so excited! 
 She even posed for a picture with me without any complaints!  I like it!
 And a cute {of Brad and Katie - not of me} picture of us!
 This one is a little better!  Our seats were great!  I think we were about 7 rows away from the ice!
 And a Daddy-Katie picture too, of course!
 At intermission, we went to the bathroom and Katie picked out this Elsa doll.  And we got an Olaf toy to take home for Jack!
 You should have heard the singing during "Let It Go" was pretty neat to hear all the kiddos singing.  I tried singing along with other parts but Katie told me to stop because I was embarrassing her - ha!
 And a shot of Anna and Elsa :)  Katie's face was in awe the whole time!
 And of course Olaf too :)
 And an after the show picture with Daddy - so adorable!!
 And I really love this one! Love my girl!
And I was so excited to learn that Katie can skip!  She has been galloping and thinking that she was skipping for a long time but we realized walking back to the car that Katie can skip!  That is one of those things we probably wouldn't have caught on to for a while if we didn't have this special time with just Katie!  Love that we can do that.
We had such a fun time with Katie.  And I loved looking over and seeing her expression of awe and wonder the whole time.  And hearing her sing along with the songs.  And get excited about all of the other princesses and characters making an appearance at the beginning and end.  It is so fun to experience things through the eyes of a child - especially when it is your own :)


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