Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Spirit Week For Jack

Jack got to dress up for school last week!  Each day of mother's day out was a theme (he obviously only did the Tuesday and Thursday themes since those are the days he goes).
Tuesday was Patriotic Day!  I sure love that shirt he has on.  Glad we remembered and got another chance to wear it!  One day Ryan will be big enough to wear it - that is certainly hard to believe!
 And then Thursday was Twisted Day!  I feel like options are more limited with a boy, but we made the best of it.  Shirt and shorts that don't match.  Two different socks.  A ponytail on top of his head.  And sunglasses (though they didn't last long).  He was so proud of his was hilarious!  His note home from his teachers said that he kept telling them about his hair all day!
Wednesday was Team Day.  That would have been a fun one too!  Oh well - we had fun with the days that he did do!  We love any chance to dress up and act silly!


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