Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Today's Fun

This morning I had to get my badge made since I made the cut and can volunteer :) I had to go get finger printed and all that.  And then it took a few weeks to run whatever checks they had to do.  And I was approved.  So it was badge day today!  I'm glad I remembered to do that so that I can volunteer in Katie's classroom and go on field trips (especially the one to the pumpkin patch later this month)!
However I did not realize that they put the camera literally about 3 inches from your face.  And holy cow.  It is like a picture of my nose.  And that's it.  Makeup and a cute shirt (don't worry - I still had workout pants on!) all for nothing.  So all my sweeties cooperated for a picture with me :)  Love all of them!
And a happy 4 months to this sweet boy - a separate post is coming soon :)
Oh, and the minute I got home, I changed into a tshirt and put my hair in a ponytail :) We went for a long walk this morning and the boys were great!  We love fall and fresh air!

Jack is quite the bruiser lately.  He can't seem to go a few hours without hitting his head on something.  Or falling.  Or both.  I guess that's the new normal!


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  1. Axle is a total bruiser. He's 4 now and he's so clumsy!