Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Our Morning Routine

In the mornings, it is definitely pretty hectic!  Everyone up and dressed and eating breakfast and practicing sight words and making it to the bus stop before the bus comes.  Whew!  Oh, and me getting ready and eating breakfast and making lunches...forgot that part.  All that after feeding Ryan and pumping.  Sheesh!  No wonder I'm tired before we even leave the house!
Lately, after we get Katie on the bus and off to school, we have been walking to the entrance of our neighborhood (not far from our house) to wave at and see the trucks, cars, buses, etc.  Jack is all about transportation and absolutely loves to wave hello to them!  And lately the bus drivers have all waved back to him - and some even honk the horn for him!  It is free entertainment and he absolutely loves it!
Once we leave the entrance, we go on a walk so I can get some exercise in.  On days Jack is home, we walk on the trails in the neighborhood.  On days he goes to MDO, we just do the loop of our street.  Regardless, it is great to get fresh air and move around some that early!  We may not do it as often once it gets cold, but for now, it is so fun!  I love seeing the smile on Jack's face as he points out dumptrucks and mixer trucks and yellow school buses and cars and teeny trucks.
Here he is waving to the bus!  We also practice colors of the cars and numbers by counting how many of something we see!
Here we are on our walk!  Ryan enjoys the walks too - he always looks around...and eventually falls asleep!
I am loving all the fall colors on the walks lately.  This is one of the paths we walk on...isn't it beautiful!?
And I love the fall colors on the trees up against the blue sky.  Absolutely stunning.
While I can't wait to get back to Tae Bo and running, I love our routine in the mornings!  And it has helped me meet more neighbors (some have stopped to ask why we sit there, while others smile and wave)!

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