Friday, October 10, 2014

Ryan: 4 Months

We have a good sleeper on our hands for sure!  Ryan is still sleeping next to our bed (which will be changing in the next couple of weeks) which makes it easier if he wakes up needing his pacifier in the middle of the night.  I dread walking across the house just to pop the pacifier back into his mouth!  Anyway, he eats around 9 or 9:15 and then sleeps until 6:30.  Once I feed him, he goes back to sleep until I get him up (which is about 7:30 during the week and varies on the weekend).  I am so thankful for that!  The part I'm struggling with is how he will get on any type of nap schedule!  He definitely takes a nap around 10 and then again around 1, so I guess that is what I will work with when I can.  It is just hard having Jack's schedule and Katie's schedule with drop offs, pickups, bus stop, soccer practice, soccer game, etc.  Oh, and running errands and actually getting things done!  So it appears that Ryan may have to perfect the art of carseat naps :)  As he gets a little bit older, I am sure getting onto a little routine will be easier.  He is still napping in the swing, so I need to work on getting him to nap in his bed which will likely help as well!
We are on a great schedule right now!  He eats 6 times a day and it ends up being 6:30, 9:30, 12:30, 3:30, 6:30, 9:30 - give or take, of course.  Obviously that means he is eating about every 3 hours - sometimes it is a little less, sometimes a little more.  When he has a bottle, he has about 4.75 ounces.  And we will be starting cereal in the next couple of weeks - I can't believe it is already time to start thinking of that!
He weighs 14 pounds, 13 ounces - in the 50th percentile!
He is 24.5 inches long - in the 25-50th percentile!
Size Clothes
We are definitely in 3-6 month/6 month things!  I can still get him in a few 3 month things, but I think it is about time to put those in the consignment pile!  It is really weird that we won't have bins of little baby clothes anymore!
Size Diapers
He is very solidly wearing size 2 Pampers Swaddlers!
Hair color
It seems like maybe his fuzz has grown a teeny bit?  And it appears to have a brown/blonde tint!
Eye color
Oh those baby looks like his eyes will stay the light blue like mine and Katie's.
Looking Like
Ryan is looking a lot like jack - except with Katie's eyes.  In fact, when our pediatrician walked into the room at his appointment, the first thing she said was, "Whoa!  He definitely has sister's eyes!"
Baby, Bud Bud, Dude, The Roc, The Mayor
Favorite toy
He loves the swing still - even thought he looks huge in it!  He is also liking the playmat a little more.  When we read books, he definitely is paying attention to and studying the pictures more!  He LOVES his taggy blanket!  And he likes this soft fleecy square I have - everytime I put that with him in the swing, he falls asleep.  I am thinking he may be our has-to-have-a-lovey-all-the-time child :)
The only one I can think of is his first time swinging by himself in a big boy swing...
...and then he shared with his girlfriend, Carter! 
 I know that will change this next month with going to the pumpkin patch, Halloween, etc! :)  Oh and we need to get the Exersaucer out too!  It's shaping up to be a big month for Mr. Ryan!
He is starting to reach for things.  He bats at the little bunny on the papasan chair.  And he reaches for the toys on the playmat.  He also rolled over from tummy to back!  He rolled to his left and his SO close to rolling to the right.  He also is getting up on his side when we put him on his back, so I know that is coming soon!  This was a picture I got right after he rolled over - trying to do it again!
Anything else?
If Ryan is fussy, all it takes is standing him up and he perks right up and laughs and has a big time.  He is such a happy, easy baby though - thank goodness!  He is really starting to notice more of what is going on around him - he loves watching Katie and Jack and all of their shenanigans!  Also, when I was taking his 4 month elephant picture, I was being silly and he was laughing so hard!  Like real belly laughs where he could hardly catch his breath.  So cute!  He also loves his Sissy - Katie likes to hold him each night before she goes to sleep and it is adorable.  She plays with him - does Little Horsey with him and sings to him - and he just talks and talks and laughs.  So sweet!
Here are some pictures from this past month!




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