Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I'm Here, I Promise!

Man, life is nuts.  I sure do miss blogging.  And I have all these ideas for posts bouncing around in my head.  I think I'm getting close to being able to blog most days.  First, I need to get Ryan on some semblance of a schedule (as much as I can with having two other crazies).  And second, he needs to go to bed at a normal bedtime and in his own room and bed.  We are on our way there - he slept in his crib last night and did wonderfully!  He only got up once needing his pacifier at like 12:30 (much better than the last two weeks in our room).  Sure hope that becomes a trend!
Having three kids is certainly no joke.  And very busy.  And oh so fun.  I need to do a recap of August (oops), September, and likely October...as well as several other catch up posts so I can get back to what we are currently up to!  So please keep reading. And check back often.  And if you have any ideas on posts you'd like to see (maybe a "daily grind" kind of post with what a day in my life looks like?), let me know!
For now, here are some pictures that I love and haven't had time to show you (all from about a month ago)!


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  1. Cute pictures!! Way to go Ryan for sleeping in your crib :)