Monday, November 10, 2014

Bedtime Stories

Thursday night was a big night at our house!  Why you ask?  Well, it was the first time that bedtime stories weren't read by Mommy and Daddy!  That's right!  Katie read us TWO BOOKS!  It was so special and amazing.  I can't believe how well she is doing in school.  Once we finished with the books, she asked to read them again.  It was definitely time for her to go to sleep, so we said no.  She broke down in big alligator tears and cried, "But I love reading soooo much! Please can I read them again?  Please!!!"  It was sort of sweet (notice I said sort of - I was tired and ready for her to go to sleep). 
She got up early Friday morning so she could bring her books downstairs and sit with me while I pumped.  She then read them all to me again!  Yes she still had her PJs on - her class got to have Pajama Day for good behavior!  She was SO excited about that!
 I am SO glad she loves reading so much.  I hope her love for reading and learning continues forever!


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