Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Growing Group

Each football season, when watching a game with friends, we make sure to get a picture of all the kids together.  The group keeps growing!!  This year, there are six crazies - and let me say.  It is impossible to get them all looking and smiling and sitting.  This was about as good as we could get.  Maybe we will try again in the next few weeks.  Oh my - such sweet friends!
 And as you can imagine, looking at the "good" picture, the outtakes were hilarious.  This is probably one of the better ones :)  Lots of eyes closed, looking other ways, and even a few smiles!
I love seeing all the kids together!  And so many girls!  Jack and Ryan are surrounded!  I love that all these sweet ones are growing up together :) Oh, and WAR EAGLE!!!!!
Here they are together the last couple years...
2013 and 2012


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