Saturday, November 8, 2014

Ryan: 5 months

Things have gotten a little better here - well, at least for night time!  The daytime routine is still up in the air for sleep - as long as he gets a couple good naps at some point, he is good.  Third child for sure, right? Ha!  But at night, he eats at around 8 or 8:15 and then goes down for the night.  Sometimes he will wake up ready to eat again at 5:45, and then other mornings I have to wake him up by 6:30 to get our morning routine started in order to make it to the bus!  On the weekends, I certainly don't wake him up.  He still generally naps in the swing or the carseat.  I figure we will just cross that naptime in the crib bridge when necessary.  For now, this works (though not much longer as he is certainly growing)!  As for the crib transition, it went great! (*knock on wood*)  He only really waked up needing the pacifier.  Or sometimes he will have gas or something like that, but all things considered, he is doing pretty well!
Ryan is now only eating 5 times a day!  Yay! :)  His eating schedule is generally this: 6:15, 10, 1:15, 4:45, and 8.  And he is doing cereal two times a day now!  I think he is doing better than both Katie and Jack did with cereal.  He opens his mouth like a little baby bird and gets so excited about it!  Having a better night time routine, and being in his own bed, and starting cereal has all helped this eating.  He feeds fewer times because he has cereal and that helps him space out the feedings more!  And I'm certainly not complaining!  When he has a bottle, it has been about 5.5 ounces.  I think we will try 6 ounces this weekend and see how that goes.
Nothing official here, but according to our bathroom scale this morning, he is about 15 pounds, 9 ounces.
Nothing here either!  But his footed jammies are definitely more filled out now!
Size Clothes
He is in size 6 month clothes now!
Size Diapers
He is still in size 2 diapers!  And we definitely still prefer Pampers!
Hair color
Ryan is getting the slightest bit more hair now - when I wash his hair in the bath, it actually has more of a lather to it!
Eye color
Still those amazing baby blues!
Looking Like
Ryan looks like Jack but with Katie's eyes for sure.
Baby, Rhino, Buddy, Sweet Boy
Favorite toy
He is starting to really figure out the exersaucer!  Each time he gets in it, he is more active and more into the toys.  Obviously he loves the swing - he will just hang out in there and look around and kick and enjoy it (thank GOODNESS!).  He also likes the Baby Einstein music radio kind of toy.  He plays with that when he is sitting in the high chair and it has him kicking for sure!  He also loves the sweet, soft bunny my aunt and uncle got him, as well as his taggy and cow toy.  Those are all in the carseat with him!  He really pays attention to the pages when we read him books too.  It seems his favorite is Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle!  He gets so excited!
The sleeping in the crib (and it being a success) was a huge first!  And he had his first cereal, as I mentioned before!  I'm so glad he is doing so well with both of those!  He also had his first bath in the real bathtub.  He figured out he loves to kick and splash!
And he had his first Halloween!  He was such a cute little dragon :)
He is more and more aware of what is going on around him.  He is blowing raspberries all the time.  Anytime someone holds him, he tries to eat their fingers - wonder if any teeth are in the near future?  Ryan is trying to sit up these days - when you lay him down, he tries to crunch up sometimes!  And in the swing he crunches up and looks around!  It is so funny.  He is also so close to rolling from back to belly.  I've noticed that he is very active in the crib too - much more than I remember Jack and Katie doing!  He spins in circles throughout the night!  It isn't unusual for us to find his head on the other side of the crib the next morning - or even an hour later!  He also is becoming more and more vocal!  And he laughs so much!  Like real belly laughs!
Anything else?
Thank goodness he is such a sweet, easygoing baby!  He loves to watch with Katie and Jack are doing (of course).  And they are both so sweet to him.  Just today I looked up and Jack had covered him up with his blanket and given him all his toys to play with.  I can't wait to see how his personality continues to develop - will he stay a calm kid or will he be as crazy (or crazier than - if that is even possible) as Jack!  I love his gummy grin that just lights his whole face up.
And here are a few pictures of the dude from the last month...



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