Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ryan's Dedication

This past Sunday we got to celebrate Ryan being dedicated at church!  It was a nice time and I am so thankful so much of our family came to celebrate!  Ryan, and the rest of us, are blessed with such a supportive family!
We were running late for the ceremony - we were supposed to be there at 2:45 and we didn't leave the house until 2:38...oops!  And of course I had to change Ryan into his outfit once we got there.  Nothing like last minute!  But we made it with a few minutes to spare :)  Here is the little guy after getting changed!  He was sporting an open collar - ha!  I couldn't get the top button to actually button because of his chin and neck!
Our family friend, Adrienne, got this picture.  I love it.  It was towards the end of the dedication when all the families spread out and prayed for and with the baby being dedicated.  Adrienne happened to catch when Brad was praying over Ryan and I am so thankful!
And the best family shot we could get - I'll take it!  Both Katie and Jack did a good job during the dedication.  Jack sat still through 13 of the 16!  Amazing! :)
Afterwards, they had a reception for everyone.  This time, rather than try to get individual pictures, I thought it would be easiest to get group pictures!  Here is a picture of me, the kids, and my dad's side of the family (that could come)!
And here is Brad's side of the family (not sure what  Katie is doing here!) 
 And here is my mom's side of the family - minus my aunt and uncle!  I hate that they had to leave and weren't able to be in the picture!  But I'm so glad they were there!
 And Jill came!  So sweet :) And she helped wrangle Jack during the last three kiddos - so sweet for sure!
 Ryan hadn't had a good nap and was so exhausted.  He fell asleep in my arms just like this!
 And I took a couple more pictures of him when we got home from our fancy Sunday night dinner tradition - Newks!  Isn't he so cute??
 And one more!  He and Jack actually wore the same thing for their dedications - but bought separately!  I sold the one Jack wore, and I happened to buy it again at consignment, so Ryan got to wear it too!
And during the dedication, a "life verse" that the parents pick out is read by someone special.  Grandma got to read Ryan's verse we picked out - and here it is!


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