Friday, November 14, 2014

Weekend Fun

Before this weekend is happening, I thought I would do a recap of last weekend.  Actually, I meant to do this post a few days ago, but life happened and here I am finally sitting down to put it together :)
Last Friday, we picked Brad up and went to lunch with him.  They are doing lots of road work and construction in front of the restaurant, so Jack was thoroughly entertained!
Here Brad is showing him the dumptruck and steamroller.
And Brad does the heavy lifting when he's around :)
Katie had to stop at the swing on our way back up to our house from the bus stop!  So cute!
Ryan loves sitting in his highchair!  Happy boy!
Jack was under the weather (thank goodness he felt good enough to go to lunch!) - he looks so pitiful when he doesn't feel good.  Thankfully he got over it quickly and was back to bouncing off the walls!
Brad took one for the team last Friday night and stayed home with the crew for me to go to dinner to celebrate a friend's birthday!  Here are the girls after dinner :)
Ryan wakes up to eat at around 6/6:30 - I happened to glance out the window Saturday morning and caught a beautiful sunrise.  I love when the sky is full of color!
We had a relaxing morning - Katie did a lot of coloring!
And Jack was feeling better and got in on the fun too!
Ryan watched :)  Again - sitting in the highchair!
I went on my second run post-baby.  I think I did 2.6 miles - not too shabby!
 And then Saturday night we went on a double date with Tanja and Nick!  Here we are at the bar before dinner! 
 And one of me and Tanja :)
And a cute one of Tanja and Nick!
And one of me and Brad :)
One more group shot as we left the restaurant!
Afterwards, I had my first experience at Jeni's ice cream - and it was AMAZING!  Can't wait to go back!
Since Jack had been under the weather, we opted to skip church and watch it on Brad's iPad!  Ryan is getting so big - I need to do a comparison picture of his first time in the swing and this one. 
That afternoon, Katie played outside - and I joined her for a little while.  It was a beautiful day!  Love spending time with her!
And Sunday night, I went to a Tastefully Simple Freezer Cooking Workshop!  Basically I did a ton of prep work - cutting chicken, browning meat, and grocery shopping - and then I went to a friend's house and the Tastefully Simple rep had all the products I needed to put together 10 different freezer meals.  It was a lot of work, but the meal we ate from it this week was delicious!
Happy Friday, folks!


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