Monday, November 24, 2014

Two Out Of Three

I also have this picture from my birthday weekend.  It is one of my favorites - I honestly can't stop looking at it!  And two out of the three are smiling!  And almost real smiles too!  As you can imagine, Brad was acting like a goofball behind me in order to achieve those smiles.  And it was so quick!  Which was a good thing considering we were headed out the door to church!
Katie is looking so grown up.  And Jack.  I think he is finally entering the age of reason (most of the time).  He is talking up a storm and so incredibly sweet.  Of course he has his 2 year old moments, but his attention span is getting longer and he is just so fun to be around!  I'm going to try and do a separate post about this age and stage for Katie and Jack coming up - and Ryan's 6 month post will be coming in a couple of weeks! AH!  Half a year already!


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