Friday, November 7, 2014

Halloween 2014

What a fun Halloween we had this year!  The only thing that would have made it better was if it were a little warmer for the festivities :)  But at least it wasn't storming and severe weather like last year!
We started the day full of smiles :)  Katie wanted to wear orange since it was Halloween!
After we got Sissy off to school, I took the boys and we met up with some of Jack's buddies and their sweet mamas at Krispy Kreme!  Free donuts for kids in costume - yes please!
This one sure has a sweet tooth - just like me :) He was SO excited about a donut!!!
Here he is in his cute Thomas costume!  I loved that it was easy to throw on over clothes :)  And he was able to wear a jacket to trick or treat and still have his cute costume on over it!
Here are all the sweet friends!  Not too shabby for a picture of 5 two year olds!
He is my favorite though :) Look at that grin.  Oh my.
And one of us together!  I decided ahead of time I was going dressed as a "tired mom who needed a shower"...
And then I came across this on Facebook - I laughed so hard!
After everyone was home, it was time to get ready to go next door for a Halloween gathering and chili and then trick or treating!  Here is Mr. Ryan on his first Halloween!  A dragon!
I think he liked his costume because he was so snuggly!
And then we headed next door!  Jill had everything set up in the garage and then tailgating chairs and big heater in the driveway!  It was so fun and delicious!
Thank goodness for jackets!  It was freezing!  But the fire pit and heater definitely helped.  And my mom and Will and his helper came too!  That was s fun treat for sure!
Here are Brad and Katie before Katie put her costume on!
And here she is!  My favorite Elsa!  She was so excited to wear makeup!
And here they are together!  Cee Cee and Will stayed at our house with the little dragon since it was cold.  They played and handed out candy!
And this was the best I could do of Jack before we headed out!
I wish I had used my good camera for pictures - it was just easier to use my phone and be able to enjoy it!  Here are the neighbor kids minus Ryan :)  Jill may have gotten some better pictures - if she did, I will do a part 2 :)
And this was Jack's first year to really trick or treat!  And he did great!  He said TRICK OR TREAT at each house and was sure to say thank you before leaving.  And he walked and didn't complain!  Since he has quite the sweet tooth that isn't too surprising - he was getting loaded down with candy!
And then it was time for the chowing down of candy!  Jack quickly figured it out - with Sydney's help :)
Katie was excited to sort through her loot too! 
I really was there!  A quick picture of me and Katie in between her bites of chocolate!
And all the kids with their goodies!
I love our Halloween traditions and fun!  The kids had a blast for sure!

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