Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Family Game Night

A few weeks ago, we ate an early dinner and had a family game night!  I wanted Jack to be able to play too, so we played a game that works for short attention spans!  So we opted for Hungry, Hungry Hippos!  Think they were excited? :)
 And we had a blast!  We had to make sure Jack didn't try to take the balls off the game and run away with them, but other than that he did great!
And Ryan didn't seem too impressed.  This was what he did the whole time...
And as usual, anytime Brad sits with the kids on the floor, this is what happens. Jumping and wrestling and laughing!
 Just look at these guys.  Jack likes to go for the neck.   And Katie just pounces. :)
Can't wait to find some other games that work for Jack.  We have Uno Moo - may have to try that next time! :)



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